A “Scent-Sational” Holiday Season: Aromatherapy Recipes to Make Your Home Smell Like the Holidays

A “Scent-Sational” Holiday Season: Aromatherapy Recipes to Make Your Home Smell Like the Holidays

on Nov 02, 2023

The holiday season is a time of joy, warmth, and memories. It’s a time where cherished moments are forged, and traditions are born. There’s something truly special about how scent is involved in all of this. Scent has the power to evoke nostalgia and create a sense of comfort.

Aromatherapy, with its essential oils and natural ingredients, can transport you to the heart of the holiday season, infusing your home with delightful scents. In this blog, we will explore the incredible connection between scents, memory, and well-being, and provide you with fantastic recipes using only natural herbs, fruits, plants, and oils.


The Power of Scents and Memories:

Scents have a remarkable ability to trigger memories and emotions. The olfactory system, responsible for our sense of smell, is closely linked to the brain's limbic system, where emotions and memories are processed. When you fill your home with the comforting fragrances of the holidays, you are not only creating a delightful atmosphere but also creating new memories and reliving old ones.


Aromatherapy and Feeling Good:

Aromatherapy is more than just making your home smell nice; it's about enhancing your emotional well-being. As you immerse yourself in the scents of the season, you're likely to experience an uplift in your spirits and a sense of joy and contentment.


Natural Recipes to Make Your Home Smell Like the Holidays:

Festive Citrus Spice Blend (potpourri)


3 cups of water

Orange peel

2 Cinnamon sticks

1 tablespoon cloves

Boil the water and add the orange peels, and a few cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, and let the mixture simmer on low heat to release the delightful aroma. This blend is versatile, making it perfect for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I often make this blend and my guests always love it, regardless of the time of year!


Lavender Dreams (room spray):


10 drops of Calm essential oil blend (can substitute with just lavender oil)

5 drops of vanilla extract


1 oz spray bottle

Fill your spray bottle with water. Add 10 drops of Calm blend and 5 drops of vanilla extract. Shake well and it’s ready to go!

Note: Since this blend is not preserved, use it within a week or two. You can choose to use the same oils in a diffuser instead (reduced to a total of 5-7 drops if using in a diffuser)


Gingerbread Cookie Scent (potpourri):


3 slices of fresh ginger

1 tablespoon ground ginger

1 tablespoon ground cinnamon

1 tablespoon cloves

2-3 drops of vanilla extract


Mix all ingredients in a pot and let the mixture simmer for a delightful aroma of freshly baked gingerbread cookies. Perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere during the holiday season.


Gingerbread Delight (diffuser blend):

If you prefer to use your diffuser and essential oils instead of the above mixture, here is a simple recipe:

4 drops ginger essential oil

1 drop cinnamon essential oil

1 drop vanilla essential oil

1 drop nutmeg essential oil


The scents of the holiday season are deeply woven into our memories and emotions. With these easy-to-follow recipes, you can transform your home into a holiday-scented space, cherished moments are even more magical. So, as you enjoy the holiday season, let the power of scents elevate your mood, create lasting memories, and enhance your well-being. Happy Holidays!