Dry Brush

Achieve radiant, healthy skin with our dry brush - experience gentle exfoliation, improved circulation, and a renewed sense of well-being.  

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Round- with massage nodules
About Dry Brush
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Gentle exfoliation for soft, smooth skin
Removes dead skin
Improved circulation and lymphatic flow
Helps with the appearance of cellulite
Dry brushing is an ancient technique that involves using a natural brush to gently massage and exfoliate the skin. This gentle pressure is also believed to support the lymphatic system, aiding in detoxification, reducing water retention, and potentially diminishing the appearance of cellulite.

The process is done on dry skin, before showering or bathing, using motions towards the heart. It's a quick and easy ritual that can be incorporated into your daily routine. For best results, dry brush your skin, shower, and then apply our natural Flow Oil.

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